Tuomas Kiiski


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+358 50 373 7077

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Areas of expertise
maritime economics; northern sea route; quantitative modeling; freight forwarding


Kiiski, D.Sc. (2017, Econ. &
Bus. Adm.) is a Research Manager at the Turku School of Economics at the
University of Turku, Finland. He also holds a BBA in Business Logistics.


Tuomas Kiiski's
interests are currently in quantitative modeling, data analytics and machine learning . In 2017, he finalized his doctoral thesis entitled “Feasibility of
commercial cargo shipping along the Northern Sea Route”. He has published
articles in top maritime economics journals, such as Maritime Policy & Management
and Maritime Economics & Logistics. He has also done consultancy work for
the World Bank, e.g., by co-authoring the Logistics Performance Index 2018.

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