Juho Joutsa

Turku Brain and Mind Center


Kiinamyllynkatu 10


ORCID identifier: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-3457-9415

Lab website

Areas of expertise
Neurology, Neuroimaging, Brain stimulation


Assistant Professor, Turku Brain and Mind Center, University of Turku 2019-

Specialist in Neurology, University on Turku, 2020

Postdoctoral Researcher (Academy of Finland) 2016-2019

Research Fellow, Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School, 2016-2018 

Adjunct Professor, Department of Neurology University of Turku, 2015-

PhD, University of Turku, 2012

MD, University of Turku, 2009


Currently, I work as a tenure track Assistant Professor of Structural and Functional Neuroimaging and Instrumentation at Turku Brain and Mind Center, University of Turku. I'm a consultant neurologist at the Department of Neurology, Clinical Neurosciences, Turku University Hospital. I lead Brain Stimulation and Neuroimaging laboratory at University of Turku (www.turkubrainlab.fi).

My lab's research work focuses on investigating the neurobiological mechanisms of brain disorders and aims to facilitate development of new treatment options. I am interested in a wide spectrum of brain disorders but especially neurological movement disorders and addictions. I use multimodal approach, combining state-of-the-art brain imaging methods (MRI, PET, SPECT) and brain stimulation techniques (TMS, DBS). 

Representative publications:

Joutsa J, Moussawi K, Siddiqi S et al. Brain lesion disrupting addiction map to a common human brain circuit. Nature Medicine 2022;28:1249-55.

Jaakkola EA, Huovinen A, Kaasinen V, Joutsa J. No change in impulse control disorder behaviours in Parkinson's disease during the last decade. Mov. Disord. 2021;36(2):521-3.

Tremblay S, Tuominen L, Zayed V, Pascual-Leone A, Joutsa J. The study of noninvasive brain stimulation using molecular brain imaging: A systematic review. NeuroImage 2020;219:117023.

Joutsa J*, Shih LC*, Fox MD. Mapping Holmes tremor using the human brain connectome. Ann Neurol 2019;86(6):812-20.

Corp DT*, Joutsa J*, Darby RR et al. Network localisation of cervical dystonia from causal brain lesions. Brain 2019;142(6):1660-74.

Darby RR, Joutsa J, Fox MD. Network localization of heterogeneous neuroimaging findings. Brain 2019;142(1):70-9.

Joutsa J, Horn A, Hsu J, Fox MD. Localization of parkinsonism based on focal brain lesions. Brain 2018;141(8):2445-56.

Joutsa J*, Shih LC*, Horn A, Reich MM, Wu O, Rost N, Fox MD. Identifying therapeutic targets from spontaneous beneficial brain lesions. Ann Neurol. 2018;84(1):153-7. 

Joutsa J, Rinne JO, Hermann B, Karrasch M, Anttinen A, Shinnar S, Sillanpää M. Association between childhood-onset epilepsy and amyloid burden 5 decades later. JAMA Neurology 2017;74(5):583-90.

Joutsa J, Johansson J, Niemelä S, Ollikainen A, Hirvonen MM, Piepponen P, Voon V, Arponen E, Alho H, Rinne JO, Hietala J, Kaasinen V. Mesolimbic dopamine release during gambling is linked to symptom severity in pathological gambling. NeuroImage. 2012;60(4):1992-9.

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