Iman Azimi

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Office: 456 G

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Areas of expertise
Digital Health,
Biomedical Engineering,
Artificial Intelligence,
Internet of Things,
Data Analytics,


Iman Azimi is a university lecturer and post-doctoral researcher at the Health Technology group, Department of Computing, University of Turku. He is also an artificial intelligence scientist at Silo, AI. Iman is currently pursuing his career in the computer science and digital health fields. His research spans Internet-of-Things, mobile health, data analysis, biomedical signal processing, and artificial intelligence.  He is also responsible for teaching and supervising students at the University of Turku.


My primary research field is mobile health, using biomedical signal processing and artificial intelligence for Internet-of-Things-based healthcare applications.


At the University of Turku, I have been the teacher of the DTEK0042 Acquisition and Analysis of Biosignals and DTEK0086 Biosignal Analytics courses since 2019.

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