Md Hossain

Division of Clinical Neurosciences, Turku University Hospital

Department of Neurosurgery Turku University Hospital

Työhuone: TF4


Traumatic Brain Injury Research Group

European Association of Neurosurgical Societies

traumatic brain injury, neurosurgery, neuroscience, cranial reconstruction, neurointensive care

 In 2014 inspired by world famous Finnish neurosurgeon Prof. Juha Hernesniemi and Prof. Risto O. Roine, I planned to specialise in neurosurgery in Turku. At this moment, besides the basic clinical training in Turku University Hospital, Turku, Finalnd, I am also conducting my MD, PhD thesis in traumatic brain injury (TBI).


I am working on the clinical applications of the blood-based protein biomarkers in the diagnosis and the outcome prediction of TBIs. The theme of my project is: "Combining neuroimaging and blood biomarkers in the assessment of traumatic brain injuries."

The project has been awarded as the best neurosurgical research project in the field of TBI by the European Association of Neurosurgical Societies (EANS) in 2018.

Our multicentre (Finland, UK, Sweden and Switzerland) based traumatic brain injury research group has been working on the correlation between the blood biomarkers and the imaging tools to develop a novel approach for the proper diagnosis, treatment and follow-up evaluation of patients with TBI. The findings of the first manuscript and the theme of the doctoral thesis have been presented in the 7th International Conference on Biochemical Markers for Brain Damage (BMBD) 2015, Lund, Sweden and in the 6th South Asian Neurosurgical Congress 2016, Dhaka, Bangladesh by the doctoral candidate. The novel idea for developing new diagnostic tools for TBI were also reported by the doctoral candidate in the 3rd Chinese Neurology and Neurosurgery Conference in December 2016. Moreover, the findings of the second manuscript have been highly appreciated in the 12th World Congress on Brain Injury, March, 2017, New Orleans, USA and was presented also in the 17th European Neurosurgical Congress 2017, October, Venice, Italy as an oral presentation by the doctoral candidate. Doctoral candidate has successfully presented the latest promising results of the third manuscript of his thesis project in the 18th Annual Congress of the EANS in October, 2018 in Brussels, Belgium. It is expected that this doctoral thesis will provide excellent evidence for the utility of these biomarkers in the field of TBI diagnostics. Furthermore, it will also bring new collaborations in the fields of TBI research.

2019 - I am going to work as a part-time clinical lecturer in the department of neuroanatomy of University of Tartu from this Autumn.

2018 - I was able to deliver two lectures for the neurosurgeons of Bangladesh on the stroke management policies of the division of clinical neurosciences, Turku University Hospital.

2017 - I was involved in the teaching of MD students who collected data for the CENTER-TBI study. My job was to help them to interpret the acute imaging data and to help them to learn the clinical examination of a patient with TBI.

2015 - Under the guidance of Prof. Risto O. Roine, Prof. Jaakko Rinne. Adj. Prof. Olli Tenovuo and Adj. Prof. Jussi Posti, I was able to organise the 1st Dhaka Microneurosurgery Live Course by neurosurgeon Prof. Juha Hernesniemi and I was a  memeber of the teaching team of Helsinki neurosurgery.


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