D4 Published development or research report or study
The European Union: Step by step towards a stronger citizenship

List of Authors: Henri Vogt
Publisher: SOSTE Suomen sosiaali ja terveys ry
Place: Helsinki
Publication year: 2019
Title of series: Soste publications
Number in series: 2
ISBN: 978-952-6628-37-0
ISSN: 2489-3137


Those who move inside Europe frequently notice what huge differences there are
in the social security systems on our continent and what concrete difficulties this
causes to individual EU citizens. We should not seek a fast reduction of these
differences, however, as it would endanger the stability obtained in the EU. But
attention should be paid to how the European citizenship could be promoted to
enable incremental change in policies. This is challenging at the time of crisis talk
and pervasive individualism.

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