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Virtual reality as a communication tool for fire safety – Experiences from the VirPa project

List of Authors: David Oliva, Brita Somerkoski, Kimmo Tarkkanen, Anttoni Lehto, Mika Luimula
Publication year: 2019
Journal: CEUR Workshop Proceedings
Book title *: Proceedings of the 3rd International GamiFIN Conference
Title of series: CEUR Workshop Proceedings
Volume number: 2359
ISSN: 1613-0073


This paper presents a serious game on fire safety that utilises virtual

reality (VR) technology. The game represents an office being engulfed in smoke

while the player’s task is to escape the building, but the player is not aware of

this goal before the fire alarm is triggered in the game environment. This radical

shift in game dynamics is an authentic representation of the unexpected nature of

an actual fire alarm. The game was mainly designed to collect information on

players’ actions for analysing them as representations of human behaviour in a

real fire situation. For our study, 169 people played the game in controlled environments.

The recorded metrics demonstrate the potential of VR applications as

tools for fire-related learning and behavioural analysis, while the results from a

post-game user experience questionnaire show that the players were highly engaged

in the fire evacuation task and found the VR application to be an appealing

training environment. This paper analyses the pros and cons of the game design

project and proposes actions to be implemented in future VR games on fire safety.

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