A1 Journal article – refereed
Rolling horizon production scheduling of multi-model PCBs for several assembly lines

List of Authors: Koskinen J., Raduly-Baka C., Johnsson M., Nevalainen O.
Publisher: Taylor and Francis Ltd.
Publication year: 2019
Journal: International Journal of Production Research
Journal name in source: International Journal of Production Research


The joint task of allocating several PCB assembly jobs to a set of
production lines, load balancing of the line machines and job scheduling
is considered. The production facility includes a number of assembly
lines of different kinds, the PCB jobs are of different types and they
should be allocated to suitable (i.e. feasible) lines. Scheduling of the
production should respect the predefined release and due dates, and the
objective is to minimise the sum of job tardy times. The scheduling is
of the rolling-horizon-type where at the beginning of each planning
period new jobs are inserted in the current non-preemptive production
programme of unfinished jobs from the past planning periods. A
mathematical formulation and a two-phase heuristic (including initial
job-to-line allocation and schedule improving steps) are given for the
problem. Experimental tests with jobs from practice were convincing.

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