A1 Journal article – refereed
Comparing the Collaborative and Independent Viewing of Program Visualizations

List of Authors: Rajala T, Kaila E, Holvitie J, Haavisto R, Laakso MJ, Salakoski T
Publication year: 2011
Journal: Frontiers in Education Conference
Book title *: Proceedings for FIE 2011 Conference
Journal name in source: 2011 FRONTIERS IN EDUCATION CONFERENCE (FIE)
Journal acronym: PROC FRONT EDUC CONF
ISBN: 978-1-61284-468-8
ISSN: 0190-5848

In this paper, we report a study on the differences of using a program visualization tool collaboratively or independently. We conducted a study, where students were divided randomly into two groups: the treatment group used a visualization tool called ViLLE in collaboration with another student, while the control group used the tool alone. During the study, we recorded screen captures and students' conversations. Our previous results confirmed that the treatment group outperformed the control group in the post-test in questions related to functions and in total score. Thus, we now annotated and tagged students' actions in answering the exercises, trying to find out an explanation for the difference in learning results. The results show, that the students working in collaboration spent more time answering the difficult exercises than the students working alone, and moreover, spent more time in higher level of engagement, both relatively and absolutely measured. Furthermore, we found out that the students working in pairs discussed the most when in the higher level of engagement and that almost all discussion was related to the exercise they were doing.

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