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3D Mesh Simplification – A survey of algorithms and CAD model simplification tests

Subtitle: A survey of algorithms and CAD model simplification tests
List of Authors: Jukka Arvo, Antti Euranto, Lauri Järvenpää, Teijo Lehtonen, Timo Knuutila
Publisher: University of Turku
Place: Turku
Publication year: 2015
Number of pages: 53
ISBN: 978-951-29-6202-0


Simplication of highly detailed CAD models is an important step when CAD

models are visualized or by other means utilized in augmented reality applications.

Without simplication, CAD models may cause severe processing and storage issues

especially in mobile devices. In addition, simplied models may have other

advantages like better visual clarity or improved reliability when used for visual pose

tracking. The geometry of CAD models is invariably presented in form of a 3D

mesh. In this paper, we survey mesh simplication algorithms in general and focus

especially to algorithms that can be used to simplify CAD models. We test some

commonly known algorithms with real world CAD data and characterize some new

CAD related simplication algorithms that have not been surveyed in previous mesh

simplication reviews.

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