A4 Article in conference proceedings
Dividend policy and capital structure decisions in Nordic listed firms

List of Authors: Tor Brunzell, Eva Liljeblom, Mika Vaihekoski
Publication year: 2013
Book title *: 2013 Accepted Conference Papers & Participants List

In this paper we analyze the results from a survey among all publicly listed Nordic firms on their dividend payout policy. A number of interesting results are found. The results show e.g. that 72 percent of the Nordic companies have a specified dividend policy. Larger and more profitable companies are more likely to have a defined dividend policy in place. The dividend policy is mostly influenced by the considerations of company’s capital structure and future earnings. We get indirect support for agency / monitoring motives, or the need for a stable cash flow, rather than for the signaling motive, since the likelihood for a firm having an explicit dividend policy is positively related to ownership concentration as well as to large long-term, private or industrial owners.

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