D4 Published development or research report or study
Finnish Somali women: defining and living citizenship in Turku

List of Authors: Camilla Marucco
Publisher: The City of Turku Administration City Development Group
Publication year: 2018
Title of series: Research Briefings
Number in series: 4b/2018
ISSN: 1799-5124


To many Finnish Somali women, citizenship does not mean a formal status, but a series of practices that help them feel like fuller members of society. My participants define citizenship in three main ways: as a balance between work and family life; as a learning practice – for both them and the majority population; as a key to online banking and travelling abroad.

They experience full citizenship in Finland as employment, mutual learning and respect, organising one’s time and transnational social connections.

Many Finnish Somali women and people working with them may face challenges (e.g. prejudice, mistrust, incommunicability) around employment, family and living together in Finland. To tackle these challenges, more flexible and low-threshold tools should be developed (e.g. workshops and drop-in counselling), encompassing the multiple roles of Finnish Somali womenas mothers, learners and (sometimes future) professionals.

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