A1 Journal article – refereed
Ascomycetes and anamorphic fungi growing on Plagiochila (Hepaticae) in Finland

List of Authors: Tarja Marsh, Peter Döbbeler, Seppo Huhtinen, Soili Stenroos
Publisher: Finnish Mycological Society
Publication year: 2010
Journal: Karstenia: the Mycological Journal
Number in series: 2
Volume number: 50
Issue number: 2
ISSN: 0453-3402

Over 400 Finnish herbarium specimens of the hepatics Plagiochila asplenioides and the closely related P. porelloides were screened for the presence of fungi. The screening yielded ca. 200 recordings of bryicolous species belonging to the ascomycete genera Bryomyces, Dactylospora, Epibryon, Lichenopeltella, Octosporella, Pleostigma, and the anamorphic genus Epicoccum. With the exception of Epibryon plagiochilae, the species are new to Finland. They are described and illustrated. Their morphology, taxonomy and ecology are discussed and their distribution in Finland is mapped. A key is given to all known bryicolous fungi found on P. asplenioides (incl. P. porelloides).

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