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What Adaptations Does Value-Driven B2B Exchange Require?

List of Authors: Joona Keränen, Elina Jaakkola, Harri Terho, Mekhail Mustak
Place: Adelaide, Australia
Publication year: 2018
Book title *: 2018 ANZMAC Conference Proceedings
ISBN: 978-1-877040-65-8


While current B2B literature considers value-driven exchange (VDE) as the most promising business
approach, successful implementation of VDE is highly challenging as realization of value-in-use
depends upon various adaptions across supplier and customer organizations and processes. Extant
literature offers only little insights on what exactly firms should adapt, and how, to optimize VDE.
This study explores reciprocal adaptations required for successful VDE in B2B markets. Drawing on
a qualitative study of nine supplier-customer dyads in different industries this paper identifies 1) the
key adaptations needed in the selling, buying, and joint processes to facilitate VDE; and 2) the ways
firms are able to carry out these adaptations at individual and organizational levels. These findings
contribute to several priority areas in the current B2B marketing research where the adaptations to
reciprocal VDE processes and matching value-driven sales and purchasing practices have remained
critical, yet poorly understood issues.

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