A1 Journal article – refereed
Oral status and prosthetic factors related to residual ridge resorption in elderly subjects

List of Authors: Xie Q, Närhi TO, Nevalainen JM, Wolf J, Ainamo A
Publication year: 1997
Journal: Acta Odontologica Scandinavica
Volume number: 55
Issue number: 5


Our earlier studies on edentulous elderly subjects have shown
associations of severe resorption in the mandibular residual ridge with
female gender and systemic diseases. The aim of this study was to
examine whether other factors also were related to residual ridge
resorption (RRR). Among 177 edentulous elderly subjects effects on RRR
were investigated with regard to history of edentulousness and
denture-wearing, the condition of the dentures and soft tissues, dental
status of the opposing jaw, and oral hygiene habits. No significant
association was found between degree of resorption and duration of
edentulousness in either the mandible or the maxilla. RRR was related to
denture quality (P < 0.05); however, severe resorption was not. In
the maxilla previous use of removable partial dentures was a factor
contributing to the resorption (odds ratio (OR), 2.4); flabby ridge was
related to the severity of the resorption (OR, 2.4). This study showed
local factors related to RRR more often in the maxilla than in the
mandible, thus suggesting that severe resorption in the mandible is
influenced more by systemic factors than by those investigated in this

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