A1 Journal article – refereed
Oral health in the elderly with non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus

List of Authors: Närhi TO, Meurman JH, Odont D, Ainamo A, Tilvis R
Publication year: 1996
Volume number: 16
Issue number: 3


The purpose of this study was to examine salivary flow rates and
selected oral health parameters in 12 patients (aged 76-86 years) with
non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (NIDDM) and also in 20 subjects
(aged 76-86 years) with NIDDM and cardiovascular diseases (CVD) and to
compare them with 32 healthy controls matched for age and gender.
Unstimulated salivary flow rates were lower in both groups of NIDDM
patients than in the controls, although the differences were not
statistically significant. Subjective oral dryness and other oral and
non-oral symptoms were more frequently reported by the patients with
NIDDM + CVD; however, the differences were usually non-significant.
Root-surface caries was more frequently detected in the subjects with
NIDDM only, although the difference among groups was not statistically
significant. Periodontal treatment need, according to CPITN values, was
more frequent in the subjects with NIDDM only, compared with controls or
those with NIDDM + CVD, although the differences were again not
statistically significant. There were no statistically significant
differences in the oral health parameters of the subjects with NIDDM or
NIDDM + CVD compared with those of their age- and sex-matched healthy

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