A1 Journal article – refereed
Characterization of a new fiber-reinforced flowable composite

List of Authors: Lippo Lassila, Eija Säilynoja, Roosa Prinssi, Pekka Vallittu, Sufyan Garoushi
Publication year: 2019
Journal: Odontology
Volume number: 107
Issue number: 3


This study aimed to evaluate certain physical properties including surface wear of a new experimental short fiber-reinforced flowable resin composite (SFRC) in comparison with different commercial flowable bulk fill resin composites (SDR, Tetric EvoFlow Bulk Fill, Filtek Bulk Fill Flowable and Estelite Bulk Fill Flow). The following properties were examined according to ISO standard: flexural strength, flexural modulus, fracture toughness, water sorption, volumetric shrinkage, and depth of cure. Degree of conversion (DC%) was determined by FTIR spectrometry. A wear test was conducted with 15000 chewing cycles using a dual-axis chewing simulator. Wear depth was measured by a three-dimensional (3D) noncontact optical profilometer. Scanning electron microscopy was used to evaluate the microstructure of SFRC. Data were statistically analyzed with analysis of variance ANOVA (p = 0.05). SFRC exhibited the highest fracture toughness (2.8 MPa m1/2) and flexural strength (146.5 MPa) values (p < 0.05) and the greatest depth of cure (5 mm) and lowest wear depth (18.2 µm) among the flowable bulk fill materials tested. SDR showed the lowest volumetric shrinkage percentage (2.9%), while the other resin composites had comparable volumetric shrinkage values (p > 0.05). The new short fiber-reinforced flowable resin composite differed significantly in its measured fracture toughness compared to the tested flowable bulk fill resin composites.

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