A1 Journal article – refereed
Clips vs Resilient Liners Used With Bilateral Posterior Prefabricated Bars for Retaining Four Implant-Supported Mandibular Overdentures.

List of Authors: Gibreel M, Fouad M, El-Waseef F, El-Amier N, Marzook H
Publication year: 2017


The objective of this research was to clinically compare peri-implant
tissue health of bar-clips vs silicone-resilient liners used with
bilateral posterior bars for retaining 4 implant-supported mandibular
overdentures. Thirty completely edentulous male patients (mean age, 65
years) were randomly assigned into 2 equal groups. Each patient received
4 implants in the canine and first molar regions of the mandible using a
flapless surgical technique. Mandibular overdentures were immediately
connected to the implants with bilateral prefabricated instant adjusting
bars. According to the method of retention to the bar, 1 group was
retained with clips (GI), whereas the other group was retained with a
silicone-resilient soft liner (GII). Peri-implant tissue health was
evaluated clinically in terms of plaque scores (MPI), bleeding scores
(MBI), probing depth (PD), and implant stability (IS). MPI, MBI, and PD
were measured at mesial, distal, buccal, and lingual surfaces of each
implant. Evaluations were performed 2 weeks (T0), 6 months (T6), and 12
months (T12) after overdenture insertion. Implants of GI with clips
demonstrated significant increase in plaque, bleeding, and PD scores
compared with those of GII with silicone-resilient liner at all
observation times. Implants in GI demonstrated a significant decrease in
implant stability compared with those of GII at T6 and T12 anteriorly
and at T12 posteriorly. Resilient liners are considered better than
bar-clips when used with bilateral posterior bars for retaining
implant-supported mandibular overdentures in terms of peri-implant soft
tissue health. Bilateral posterior ready-made bars cannot be proposed as
a promising design for supporting implant-assisted mandibular

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