A4 Article in conference proceedings
The Air Flows and Microbial Contamination to Indoor Air from Sandwich Facade - Case Study

List of Authors: Suonketo J, Pessi A-M
Place: Helsinki
Publication year: 2000
Book title *: Healthy Buildings 2000: Vol 3. Microbes, moisture and building physics: proceedings
ISBN: 9525236056 9789525236057


The subject building of this case study had high counts of actinobacteria in insulation layer of sandwich facade and in indoor air of specific flats. The aim was to resolve the air draft routes that might have conveyed microbes from external wall indoors, and find and prevent a cause to high microbial contamination in a specific flat. The study included pressure difference measurements, airflow measurements, microbial air samples, structural investigations and follow up measurements. The main contamination routes were located to the bushings in the exterior wall and after reparations the indoor air actinobacteria counts were clearly decreased.

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