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Changing Worlds / Changing Nations - The Concept of Nation in the Transnational Era

Alaotsikko: The Concept of Nation in the Transnational Era
Julkaisun tekijät: Om Prakash Dwivedi;Joel Kuortti
Julkaisuvuosi: 2012
ISBN: 978-81-316-0519-6


The title of this book - Changing Worlds, Changing Nations - underlines the transforming status of the discourse on nationalism and transnationalism. The book focuses on how the realities and identities of people are influenced by the changes taking place in the various dimensions of nation-states. The term 'transnationalism' sounds simplistic, yet it is not so explicit in nature and is apparently enveloped in a myriad of confounding applications. Transnationalism, as it is largely understood, is a concept that disrupts and scatters the idea of centrality and periphery. It may be properly conceived as: a kind of relationship between nation-states, a crossing of national borders, a cultural/political interplay between different national cultures, or a mode of mobility of trans/national subjects. To be more precise, transnationalism means a form of multi-nationalism; something that shares cultural connections with more than one nation. Changing Worlds, Changing Nations consists of 13 contributions that consider the feasibility of nation-states in a transnational era and examine the role of language and culture in seeking a new identity. The book focuses on the Indian context as a case study of the thematic, but it extends this nationalistic framework to reflect on other, wider contexts. The hope is that the book as a whole, and the individual articles on their own, will spark new discussions and analyses of literary works in view of transnationalism. There is an ethical call that needs to be addressed in order to maintain the relevance of discussions of post-colonial and transnational issues.

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