A1 Journal article – refereed
AB0 and Lewis blood groups in reactive arthritis

List of Authors: Tertti R, Järvinen H, Lahesmaa R, Yli-Kerttula U, Toivanen A
Publication year: 1992
Journal: Rheumatology International
Journal name in source: Rheumatology international
Journal acronym: Rheumatol Int
Volume number: 12
Issue number: 3
Number of pages: 3
ISSN: 0172-8172

In this study we evaluated secretor status in patients with reactive arthritis. Previous evidence indicates that non-secretion of AB0 and Lewis blood group antigens to saliva and other secretions is associated with susceptibility to certain bacterial infections and certain diseases with suspected autoimmune etiology. Secretor status can be determined based on the Lewis phenotype. We studied AB0, Lewis and Rhesus blood groups of 54 patients with previous reactive arthritis, 26 of whom had uroarthritis and 28 of whom had arthritis after enteric infection. Furthermore, 25 patients with uncomplicated yersiniosis and 57 healthy controls were studied. We did not find any correlation between secretor status and reactive arthritis or gastroenteritis due to Yersinia. AB0 blood group antigen B appeared to be protective against uroarthritis.

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