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Gratifications from using freemium music streaming services: Differences between basic and premium users.

List of Authors: Matti Mäntymäki, A.K.M. Najmul Islam
Publication year: 2015
Book title *: ICIS 2015 Proceedings


Online music streaming services have become popular in listening to music. Most online

music streaming services employ the freemium business model. The specific

gratifications from online music streaming are not well understood. Moreover, research

examining the freemium model from a user experience perspective remains scant. We

employ uses and gratifications theory and examine four gratifications, namely

ubiquity, social connectivity, discovering new music, and enjoyment, as the predictors

of continuance intention. We examine the differences in these gratifications between the

basic and premium users with data from 374 Spotify users. The results demonstrate

that enjoyment, discovering new music, and ubiquity, are the main drivers of the

continuance intention. Interestingly, social connectivity has no effect on continuance

intention. Furthermore, premium users experience higher levels of enjoyment and

ubiquity than the non-paying basic users. Finally, enjoyment is the only predictor of

continuance intention among basic users, but has no effect among premium users.

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