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Drilling and Blasting to Learn Scenario Construction: Experimenting with Causal Layered Analysis as a Disruption of Scenario Work

Julkaisun tekijät: Matti Minkkinen, Sirkka Heinonen, Marjukka Parkkinen
Kustantaja: Sage
Julkaisuvuosi: 2018
Journal: World Futures Review


Scenario thinking is one of the key elements of futures studies, and
therefore, “Scenario Thinking” is one of the first compulsory courses in
the Master’s Degree Programme in Futures Studies at the University of
Turku. Scenario methods are continuously evolving, and our educational
practices must reflect recent developments while giving a clear outline
of the big picture. Furthermore, increasing interest is being taken in
hybrid methods, and such hybridity can also be introduced to teaching
scenario thinking. This article discusses an experiment of using causal
layered analysis (CLA) to complement and deepen scenarios made by
student groups for a Finnish company during an introductory course on
scenario thinking. During a first-year master’s degree course, a
two-hour CLA session was conducted, and student groups were instructed
to include the results into their scenario reports. From a
methodological point of view, we discuss using CLA as a disruption in
the middle of the scenario process to increase reflexivity. From a
pedagogical point of view, we discuss how a relatively complex method
combination (CLA and scenarios) can be made accessible to first-year
master’s students conducting their first scenario study. As material, we
use our own firsthand experiences from the scenario course and the CLA
session as well as a subsequent survey with students. The intention of
the paper is to quickly distribute educational practices for assessment
by the futures education community and, thus, contribute to improving
the state of futures studies and foresight education.

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