A1 Journal article – refereed
A systematic review of artificial intelligence and robots in value co-creation: Current status and future research avenues

List of Authors: Valtteri Kaartemo, Anu Helkkula
Publisher: Sage
Publication year: 2018
Journal: Journal of Creating Value
Volume number: 4
Issue number: 2


As artificial intelligence (AI) and robots are
increasingly taking place in practical service solutions, it is necessary to
understand technology in value co-creation. We conducted a systematic
literature review on the topic to advance theoretical analysis of AI and robots
in value co-creation. By systematically reviewing 61 AI and robotics articles,
which have been published in top marketing and service research journals, we
identified four themes in literature, namely generic field advancement,
supporting service providers, enabling resource integration between service
providers and beneficiaries, and supporting beneficiaries’ well-being. With the
identification of the first set of literature on AI and robots in value
co-creation, we push forward an important sub-field of value co-creation
literature. In addition, to advance the field, we suggest building on Actor-Network
Theory (ANT) and Science and Technology Studies (STS) to understand the agency
of technology in value co-creation. Considering that technology has agency
opens new interesting research avenues around shopping bots and
human-to-non-human frontline interaction that are likely to influence resource
integration, customer engagement, and value co-creation in the future. We also
encourage our colleagues to conduct postphenomenological research to be better
geared for analyzing how technology (incl. AI and robots) mediates the
individual experience of value.

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