A4 Article in conference proceedings
The development of sea transported international trade value of Finland 2002–2016

List of Authors: Tommi Inkinen, Esa Hämäläinen
Publication year: 2018
Book title *: Transportation systems in the connected era
ISBN: 978-988-15814-7-1


Maritime transport volumes are
verifiably linked to the conditions of the world economy. Their foundations are
based on the demand and supply of goods that are determining the most suitable
forms of transport in relation to global market prices. The study is founded on
the literature of international trade economics, transport geography, network
studies, and policy studies of economic development. The content scope of
maritime studies indicate that traditional network analyses have gained more
diversified and complex forms in accordance with the extensions of the
available data sources and the continuous development of analyses tools. The
results indicate the most significant time-series variations in the seaborne
trade and the results may be reflected on contemporary drivers behind the needs
of global economy. These include considerations of production economies,
consumerism, and changes in attitudes towards market economy (e.g.
environmental awareness). The paper provides statistical indications national
trade flows enabling interpretations underlying principles of the global market
economy. The results also provide knowledge of trade volatility and stability. The
paper concludes by addressing future research demands and directions for
transportation studies.

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