A1 Journal article – refereed
Method for Determination of Polyethylene Glycol Molecular Weight

List of Authors: Pihlasalo S, Hänninen P, Härmä H
Publication year: 2015
Journal: Analytical Chemistry
Journal name in source: ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY
Journal acronym: ANAL CHEM
Volume number: 87
Issue number: 7
Number of pages: 5
ISSN: 0003-2700
eISSN: 1520-6882


A method utilizing competitive adsorption between polyethylene glycols (PEGs) and labeled protein to nanoparticles was developed for the determination of PEG molecular weight (MW) in a microtiter plate format. Two mix-and-measure systems, time-resolved luminescence resonance energy transfer (TR-LRET) with donor europium(III) polystyrene nanoparticles and acceptor-labeled protein and quenching with quencher gold nanoparticles and fluorescently labeled protein were compared for their performance. MW is estimated from the PEG MW dependent changes in the competitive adsorption properties, which are presented as the luminescence signal vs PEG mass concentration. The curves obtained with the TR-LRET system overlapped for PEGs larger than 400 g/mol providing no information on MW. Distinctly different curves were obtained with the quenching system enabling the assessment of PEG MW within a broad dynamic range. The data was processed with and without prior knowledge of the PEG concentration to measure PEGs over a MW range from 62 to 35 000 g/mol. The demonstration of the measurement independent of the PEG concentration suggests that the estimation of MW is possible with quenching nanoparticle system for neutrally charged and relatively hydrophilic polymeric molecules widening the applicability of the simple and cost-effective nanoparticle-based methods.

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