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Maternal sensitivity in responding during play and children’s pre-mathematical skills: a longitudinal study from infancy to preschool age

Subtitle: A Longitudinal Study from Infancy to Preschool Age
List of Authors: Anne Sorariutta, Minna M. Hannula-Sormunen, Maarit Silvén
Publisher: Routlegde Taylor & Francis
Publication year: 2017
Journal: European Journal of Developmental Psychology
Journal acronym: EjDP
Volume number: 14
Issue number: 1
Number of pages: 15
eISSN: 1740-5610


This longitudinal study explored how mothers’ sensitivity in responding to their child’s cognitive and emotional needs in infancy and toddlerhood predicts children’s pre-mathematical skills at early preschool age. The sample consisted of 65 mother-child dyads (N = 130 individuals) videotaped during joint play at ages 1;0 and 2;0. The children’s pre-mathematical skills were tested at age 3;0. The path analyses showed that, in infancy, mothers’ autonomy support and scaffolding are more strongly related than emotional support to children’s later performance on spatial and numerical tasks. The findings are discussed in relation to how maternal sensitivity in responding fosters children’s pre-mathematical development in an optimal way.

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