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Recent Advances in Monocular Model-based Tracking - A Systematic Literature Review

Julkaisun tekijät: Olli Lahdenoja, Rami Suominen, Tero Säntti, Teijo Lehtonen
Kustantaja: University of Turku Technical Reports, No. 8
Julkaisuvuosi: 2015
Julkaisunumero: 8
Sivujen määrä: 18
eISSN: 2341-8028


In this paper, we review the advances of monocular model-based tracking for

last ten years period until 2014. In 2005, Lepetit, et. al, [19] reviewed the status

of monocular model based rigid body tracking. Since then, direct 3D tracking has

become quite popular research area, but monocular model-based tracking should

still not be forgotten. We mainly focus on tracking, which could be applied to aug-

mented reality, but also some other applications are covered. Given the wide subject

area this paper tries to give a broad view on the research that has been conducted,

giving the reader an introduction to the different disciplines that are tightly related

to model-based tracking. The work has been conducted by searching through well

known academic search databases in a systematic manner, and by selecting certain

publications for closer examination. We analyze the results by dividing the found

papers into different categories by their way of implementation. The issues which

have not yet been solved are discussed. We also discuss on emerging model-based

methods such as fusing different types of features and region-based pose estimation

which could show the way for future research in this subject.

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