A4 Article in conference proceedings
Information Society Adaptations for the Sensory Impaired

List of Authors: Stina Ojala
Publication year: 2012
Book title *: Studies on Inequalities in Information Society. Proceedings of the Conference, Well-Being in the Information Society WIS 2012
Title of series: TUCS Lecture Notes
Number in series: 16
ISSN: 1797-8823


Most of the information available nowadays is obtainable fairly easily for majority of people. However, not everyone is able to follow that information quite so straightforwardly. That is the reason we need technical solutions and aids for ensuring the equality of everyone to the sources of information in the society. In this way we can support the individual in daily life and thus also assist with the continuous information flow. This also presents the persons with technology customised for their purposes and avoiding the user interfaces that might prove difficult to use for a person with sensory impairment, even though it might be quite easy to operate when the person has fully functional hearing and sight. This study discusses both state-of-the-art in technical devices as well as future vistas of how the ultimately equal information society would look like and the various means to reach the goal.

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