A1 Journal article – refereed
A management perspective to using Public Participation GIS in planning for visitor use in national parks

List of Authors: Miisa Pietilä, Nora Fagerholm
Publisher: Routledge
Publication year: 2018
Journal: Journal of Environmental Planning and Management
Journal name in source: Journal of Environmental Planning and Management
ISSN: 0964-0568
eISSN: 1360-0559


Academics have frequently used and endorsed the Public Participation Geographic Information System (PPGIS) approach for national park management. However, it is only minimally used by public agencies such as national park organisations. This study explores the potential that managers of Finnish national parks see in the PPGIS approach in the context of planning for the visitor use of parks. Ten semi-structured interviews with managers of Parks and Wildlife Finland were conducted. The managers perceived that PPGIS could help in optimising site management, and preferred PPGIS studies that are practical and clearly connected to planning site management actions. They envisioned a mobile phone application that would allow mapping visitor experiences on the spot. Overall, the managers were open to adopting place-based planning practices. The study increases the understanding of public agencies’ views towards PPGIS. It also produces practical information for conducting PPGIS case studies as well as for integrating PPGIS tools into planning processes.

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