A1 Journal article – refereed
Effect of discontinuous glass fibers on mechanical properties of glass ionomer cement

List of Authors: Sufyan Garoushi, Jingwei He , Pekka Vallittu, Lippo Lassila
Publication year: 2018
Journal: Acta Biomaterialia Odontologica Scandinavica
Volume number: 4
Issue number: 1


This study
investigated the reinforcing effect of discontinuous glass microfibers with various
loading fractions on selected mechanical properties of self-cure glass ionomer
cement (GIC). Experimental fiber reinforced GIC (Exp-GIC) was prepared by
adding discontinuous glass microfiber (silane/non-silane treated) of 200-300 µm
in length to the powder of self-cure GIC (GC Fuji IX) with various mass ratios
(15,20,25,35, and 45 mass%) using a high speed mixing device. Flexural
strength, flexural modulus, work of fracture, compressive strength and
diametral tensile strength were determined for each experimental and control materials.
The specimens (n=8) were wet stored (37 °C for one day) before testing. Scanning electron microscopy equipped with energy
dispersive spectrometer was used to analysis the surface of silanized or
non-silanized fibers after treated with cement liquid. The results were analysed
with using multivariate analysis of variance MANOVA. Fiber-reinforced GIC (25 mass%) had significantly higher mechanical
performance of flexural modulus (3.8 GPa), flexural strength (48 MPa), and
diametral tensile strength (18 MPa) (p<0.05) compared to unreinforced
material (0.9 GPa, 26 MPa and 8 MPa). No statistical significant
difference in tested mechanical properties was recorded between silanized and non-silanized Exp-GIC groups. Compressive strength did not show any significant differences (p>0.05)
between the fiber-reinforced and unreinforced GIC. The use of discontinuous glass microfibers
with self-cure GIC matrix considerably increased the all of the studied properties
except compressive strength.

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