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Biosignal Monitoring Platform Using Wearable IoT

List of Authors: Amleset Kelati, Imed Ben Dhaou, Hannu Tenhuneen
Place: Finland
Publication year: 2018
Book title *: FRUCT'22 Proceedings of the 22st Conference of Open Innovations Association FRUCT
ISBN: 978-952-68653-4-8
ISSN: 2305-7254


Thanks to the IoT
technology advancement and wearable devices, the healthcare industry is
shifting ahead to a brighter future. In this paper, we present a Wi-Fi and
battery powered wearable IoT system to monitor patient's Biosignal from
anywhere at any time through an IP based network. The system is unique as it is
composed of  a 2 or/and 8 channel
electrodes to measure ECG and EMG signals with a sampling frequency fixed at 1
KHz, an analog front-end (AFE) compliant with the IEEE 802.11 standard, a
microcontroller for data processing and transmission, and a power management
unit. The prototype operates at 2.4 GHz, 3.3v. The transceiver consumes very
low power in arrange of 9mW, has a communication range between 20m and 100m, a
data-rate of 128 kB/s, a latency of 1.2ms, equipped with Advanced Encryption
Standard (AES) for real-time data encryption and has a high common-mode
rejection ratio (CMRR). Experimental test result demonstrates that our developed
prototype has a better performance than state of the art systems.

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