A1 Journal article – refereed
Opening up #jesuisCharlie. Anatomy of a Twitter discussion with mixed methods

List of Authors: Johansson Marjut, Kyröläinen Aki-Juhani, Ginter Filip, Lehti Lotta, Krizsán Attila, Laippala Veronika
Publisher: Elsevier
Place: Amsterdam
Publication year: 2018
Journal: Journal of Pragmatics
Volume number: 129
Number of pages: 12
ISSN: 0378-2166


The analysis was based on a large-scale corpus of tweets in English in the Twitter discussion with the hashtag #jesuisCharlie.

The analysis was conducted sequentially with mixed methods: language technology method, quantitative analysis of modality, and digital discourse analysis of the opinions expressed in the tweets.

The data contained multiple topics that were organized into five clusters.

One of the clusters was more modalized than others.

All of the clusters contained expressions of affectivity and solidarity, but they also contained diversified and polarized opinions.

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