A1 Journal article – refereed
Teachers' emotions and emotion regulation strategies: Self- and students' perceptions

List of Authors: Jiang Jingwen, Vauras Marja, Volet Simone, Wang Yili
Publication year: 2016
Journal: Teaching and Teacher Education
Volume number: 54


Based on Gross's process model of emotion regulation, this study related 53 lower-secondary school students' perceptions of their teachers' emotions to four of their teachers' emotion regulation while teaching. A mixed method approach, combining students' surveys and teachers' interviews, revealed associations between teachers' positive or negative emotions as perceived by their students, and teachers' reflections on their emotion regulation. Antecedent-focused emotion regulation appeared more desirable than response-focused emotion regulation, and in particular, reappraisal more effective than suppression in increasing positive-emotion expression and reducing negative-emotion expression. Implications for teaching, teacher education and future research on teacher emotion regulation are proposed.

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