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ICT Illusions

List of Authors: Sampsa Rauti, Ville Leppänen, Jani Tammi, Jarko Papalitsas
Publisher: MATINE (Ministry of Defense)
Publication year: 2017


Cyber attacks and cyber intelligence are growing concerns in today’s
computer networks. The goal of our research project was to address this threat
and study generating deceptive fake services in a new way: by recording the
ordinary interaction between a client and a server and then deceiving the
adversary by playing back an altered, deceptive reply. We demonstrated the
feasibility of such fake service generator tool by creating a proof-of-concept
implementation that can create fake services for web environment. The objective
was to make the tool as protocol-independent as possible while still giving
convincing replies to the adversary. Our results indicate that although fake
service creation is a challenging topic, can still achieve very satisfactory
results with our proof-of-concept implementation. We therefore believe creating
deceptive services is a promising proactive method to lead the adversary astray
as he or she is attempting to get access to sensitive data.

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