B2 Book chapter
Socio-economic perspectives on the livelihood security in a changing Himachal Pradesh, India

List of Authors: Tikli Loivaranta, Reija Hietala, Rebecca Frilund
Place: Helsinki
Publication year: 2017
Book title *: Research on India in Finland: Past, Present, Future
ISBN: 978-952-93-9012-0


The co-research project on 'Livelihood security in a changing socio-economic

environment in Himachal Pradesh, India' gathered together around 30-35

researchers during 2009, and 2011-2015 from the University of Delhi, the

University of Shimla, the Government Post-Graduate College, Chamba and the

University of Turku. Our co-project was funded by the Academy of Finland.

Among international articles and graduates (two Doctoral, three Licenciate thesis

and five Master thesis) we presented the main findings in the project book

involved 23 researchers (Singh, R.B. & Hietala, R. eds, 2014. Springer). Our

results addressed the special reference to agricultural diversification, improving

the land productivity, and to the wider scrutinizing of knowledge sharing, and

community participation in the local carbon forestry initiatives. Also, the nonfarm

and tourism sector were to be tapped to ensure healthy ways of living, and

the Indian NGOs were acknowledged in health and social sector. After this coproject,

two Finnish doctoral studies are continuing concentrating on livelihood

issues of migrating human groups which is a current phenomenon at the global


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