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A multi-disciplinary approach to unravel the tectonic setting of the bedrock in the Salo area, SW Finland

List of Authors: Riku Aho, Tuomas Kauti, Heidi Penttinen, Pietari Skyttä, Markku Väisänen
Place: Institute of Seismology, University of Helsinki, Finland
Publication year: 2014
Title of series: Report-S
Number in series: 8
Volume number: 62
Number of pages: 4
ISBN: 978-952-10-5081-7
eISBN: 978-952-10-9282-5
ISSN: 0357-3060


This paper presents a number of hypotheses on the crustal evolution of the Salo area in SW Finland. The working hypotheses will be tested using a multi-disciplinary approach comprising structural analysis, 3/4D-modelling, isotope geology and geochemistry. The project is expected to provide new insights into the complex orogenic evolution of the Fennoscandian Shield at 1.9-1.8 Ga.

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