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Xylo-oligosaccharides alone or in synbiotic combination with Bifidobacterium animalis subsp lactis induce bifidogenesis and modulate markers of immune function in healthy adults: a double-blind, placebo-controlled, randomised, factorial cross-over study

List of Authors: Caroline E. Childsa, Henna Röytiöa, Esa Alhoniemia, Agnes A. Feketea, Sofia D. Forsstena, Natasa Hudjeca, Ying Ni Lim, Cara J. Stegera, Parveen Yaqooba, Kieran M. Tuohya, Robert A. Rastalla, Arthur C. Ouwehanda, Glenn R. Gibson
Publication year: 2014
Journal: British Journal of Nutrition
Journal name in source: British Journal of Nutrition
Journal acronym: Br.J.Nutr.
Volume number: 111
Issue number: 11
ISSN: 0007-1145


Prebiotics, probiotics and synbiotics are dietary ingredients with the potential to influence health and mucosal and systemic immune function by altering the composition of the gut microbiota. In the present study, a candidate prebiotic (xylo-oligosaccharide, XOS, 8 g/d), probiotic (Bifidobacterium animalis subsp. lactis Bi-07, 10(9) colony-forming units (CFU)/d) or synbiotic (8 g XOS + 10(9) CFU Bi-07/d) was given to healthy adults (25-65 years) for 21 d. The aim was to identify the effect of the supplements on bowel habits, self-reported mood, composition of the gut microbiota, blood lipid concentrations and immune function. XOS supplementation increased mean bowel movements per d (P=0.009), but did not alter the symptoms of bloating, abdominal pain or flatulence or the incidence of any reported adverse events compared with maltodextrin supplementation. XOS supplementation significantly increased participant-reported vitality (P=0.003) and happiness (P=0.034). Lowest reported use of analgesics was observed during the XOS + Bi-07 supplementation period (P=0.004). XOS supplementation significantly increased faecal bifidobacterial counts (P=0.008) and fasting plasma HDL concentrations (P=0.005). Bi-07 supplementation significantly increased faecal B. lactis content (P=0.007), lowered lipopolysaccharide-stimulated IL-4 secretion in whole-blood cultures (P=0.035) and salivary IgA content (P=0.040) and increased IL-6 secretion (P=0.009). XOS supplementation resulted in lower expression of CD 16/56 on natural killer T cells (P=0.027) and lower IL-10 secretion (P=0.049), while XOS and Bi-07 supplementation reduced the expression of CD19 on B cells (XOS x Bi-07, P=0.009). The present study demonstrates that XOS induce bifidogenesis, improve aspects of the plasma lipid profile and modulate the markers of immune function in healthy adults. The provision of XOS + Bi-07 as a synbiotic may confer further benefits due to the discrete effects of Bi-07 on the gut microbiota and markers of immune function.

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