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Domain modelling of risk taking related to innovation in dyadic business relationships: A conceptual study with cases
(Paper presented at 31th Annual IMP Conference and Doctoral Colloquium, 25 – 29 August 2015, University of Southern Denmark Kolding)

List of Authors: Jari Ruokolainen, Olavi Uusitalo, Mekhail Mustak
Publication year: 2015


Supporting innovative behaviour and risk-taking can be a strategic capability that generates a sustainable competitive advantage in a dyad relationship. This study focuses on mapping concepts and variables that are central to risk-taking for innovation in dyadic relationships in business-to-business contexts. This risk mapping can be of help venture capitals or other financing parties. Thus, the purpose of the study is to identify relevant concepts and to create a classification method regarding this particular phenomenon. Domain modelling methodologies are used to examine 7 carefully selected dyadic cases. Each of the 7 cases is analysed in order to find relevant concepts related to the problem domain, and then the connections between the applicable concepts are discussed. The method helps to increase our current understanding through structuring knowledge into classes, attributes, and relations. The implication for the extant literature is discussed, and further studies are proposed. This is one of the first studies on this topic.


Keywords: Innovation, dyad, risk-taking, problem domain model

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