A1 Journal article – refereed
68Ga-DOTA-Siglec-9 – a new imaging tool to detect synovitistis

List of Authors: Virtanen H, Autio A, Siitonen R, Liljenback H, Saanijoki T, Lankinen P, Makila J, Kakela M, Teuho J, Savisto N, Jaakkola K, Jalkanen S, Roivainen A
Publication year: 2015
Journal: Arthritis Research and Therapy
Journal name in source: ARTHRITIS RESEARCH & THERAPY
Journal acronym: ARTHRITIS RES THER
Volume number: 17
Number of pages: 11
ISSN: 1478-6354


Conclusion: Ga-DOTA-Siglec-9 PET tracer detected VAP-1 positive vasculature in the mild synovitis of rabbits comparable with F-18-FDG, suggesting its potential for in vivo imaging of synovial inflammation in patients with rheumatic diseases.

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