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An Enabling State – Experimenting Finland

Julkaisun tekijät: Paula Tiihonen, Olli Hietanen
Paikka: Eduskunta, Helsinki
Julkaisuvuosi: 2014
Volyymi: 10/2014
ISBN: 978-951-53-3577-7
eISBN: 978-951-53-3578-4
ISSN: 2342-6594


“Every person is worthy of a song, everyone’s life is important”

I wish to thank the experts consulted at our hearings, other Eduskunta committees for their submissions, the committed members of our own Committee and its personnel. The submission is the fruit of our joint efforts. Unique cooperation makes it something that is in and of itself significant. It is a vision and stepmark towards a better future for Finland.

I have been thinking what brings about change nowadays. Change is not brought about by great authority. It is not hatched in the basement of a party headquarters, nor in a ministry. It comes about when one of us – you or I – start doing things differently. It’s as simple as that.

The submission of the Committee concludes with the following stance:

On the basis of what is presented in the foregoing, the Committee proposes this stance for adoption by the Eduskunta:

1. The Eduskunta concurs with the stances and policies set forth in the Report, and at the same time

2. requires the Government to draft a science strategy for Finland and, together with the private sector, achieve the funding target of four per cent of GDP set for research, development and innovation activities.

3. The Eduskunta requires that the Government hasten implementation of the new national foresight model and draft a programme and adopt a decision-in-principle by means of which a political commitment to promoting experimentation is made.

4. The Eduskunta requires that reform of working life and creating employment for the Finns be included, as key objectives, in the next Programme for Government in such a way that the theme includes also promotion of enterprise, use of partial capacity for work as well as developing social security in a direction that supports these objectives. Something that must also be taken into consideration in the measures is the principle of early intervention: for example, learning difficulties manifest themselves already at a very early stage and getting young people who are in danger of becoming marginalised engaged in working life must be supported through special measures.

5. The Eduskunta requires that in all of its actions the Government promotes sustainable growth that will give impetus to the economy at the same time as it resolves social and ecological problems. This presupposes, e.g., pruning administrative obstacles, launching experimental projects, and economic guidance.

Päivi Lipponen

Chair of the Committee for the Future

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