G5 Doctoral dissertation (article)
Capturing Movement That Evades the Eye : A Sensory Ethnography of the 'Hidden' Qualities of Embodied Agency in Professional Dance

List of Authors: Satama. Suvi
Publisher: University of Turku
Place: Turku
Publication year: 2017
ISBN: ISBN 978-951-29-6786-5
eISBN: ISBN 978-951-29-6787-2


This is a sensory ethnography of embodied agency at work. Drawing on fieldwork as well as in-depth interviews, informal conversations and visual material gathered in professional dance, I look at the mundane bodily practices and ‘hidden’ qualities that emerge between off-stage and onstage in this unusual context. Here, I view embodied agency as an aesthetic phenomenon surrounded by various regimes, struggles and passions. It is therefore an ambiguous and unfinished process of creation and becoming who we are (or not) and never reaching stability or perfection.

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