A1 Journal article – refereed
Adverse reaction to metal debris after ReCap-M2A-Magnum large-diameter-head metal-on-metal total hip arthroplasty

List of Authors: Mokka J, Junnila M, Seppanen M, Virolainen P, Polonen T, Vahlberg T, Mattila K, Tuominen EKJ, Rantakokko J, Äärimaa V, Kukkonen J, Makela KT
Publication year: 2013
Journal: Acta Orthopaedica
Journal name in source: ACTA ORTHOPAEDICA
Journal acronym: ACTA ORTHOP
Number in series: 6
Volume number: 84
Issue number: 6
ISSN: 1745-3674

Interpretation ARMD is common after ReCap-M2a-Magnum total hip arthroplasty, and we discourage the use of this device. Asymptomatic patients with a small fluid collection on MRI may not need instant revision surgery but must be followed up closely.

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