A4 Article in conference proceedings
Challenges in Entering Application Markets among Software Producers in Developing Countries

List of Authors: Anne-Marie Tuikka, Sami Hyrynsalmi, Kai K. Kimppa, Arho Suominen
Publication year: 2013
Book title *: Proceedings of the Thirteenth International Conference: The possibilities of Ethical ICT (ETHICOMP 2013)
Number of pages: 10
ISBN: 978-87-92646-72-9


Smart devices, such as smart phones and tablet computers, have rapidly conquered the world with millions of users. The success of a few developers and the low entry barrier to the application marketplaces of these smart devices have led to the offering of hundreds of thousands applications by thousands of software producers. Although the average revenue at the marketplaces is seen to be low for western developers, it might be highly lucrative for developing country software producers. However, only a few of these are known to offer their products for worldwide markets. Furthermore, we argue that easy access to creating and selling applications might help the developing countries bridge some of the gap between them and post-industrialized countries. In this initial study, we present a conceptual framework which can be used to analyse the obstacles of developing country software producers to enter to the marketplaces. Some initial implications can be made based on the framework.

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