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Competency Recommendations for Advancing Nursing Informatics in the Next Decade: International Survey Results

List of Authors: Charlene Ronquillo, Maxim Topaz, Lisiane Pruinelli, Laura-Maria Peltonen, Raji Nibber
Publication year: 2017
Book title *: Forecasting Informatics Competencies for Nurses in the Future of Connected Health
Title of series: Studies in Health Technology and Informatics
Number in series: 232
Volume number: 232
ISBN: 978-1-61499-737-5
eISBN: 978-1-61499-738-2
ISSN: 0926-9630


The IMIA-NIstudents’ and emerging professionals’ working group
conducted a large international survey in 2015 regarding research trends in nursing
informatics. The survey was translated into half-a-dozen languages and distributed
through 18 international research collaborators’ professional connections. The
survey focused on the perspectives of nurse informaticians. A total of 272
participants responded to an open ended question concerning recommendations to
advance nursing informatics. Five key areas for action were identified through our
thematic content analysis: education, research, practice, visibility and collaboration.
This chapter discusses these results with implications for nursing competency
development. We propose how components of various competency lists might
support the key areas for action. We also identify room to further develop existing
competency guidelines to support in-service education for practicing nurses,
promote nursing informatics visibility, or improve and facilitate collaboration and
integration with other professions. 

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