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Botanik i åbo på 1600-talet : Elias Tillandz

List of Authors: Panu Turunen
Publisher: Föreningen Biblis, Kungliga biblioteket, Stockholm, Sweden
Place: Stockholm
Publication year: 2016
Issue number: 76, vintern 2016


The article (in Swedish) discusses the importance of different languages in the old Turku Academy in the 17th century, especially in the scientific research of botany. The language of the science was, of course, Latin. But in Catalogus plantarum (1683), a noteworthy book of Elias Tillandz (1640-1693), professor of medicine, you can find plant names in three languages: Latin, Swedish and Finnish. It was important for the development of Finnish language, that Finnish plant names could be found in a book, that was used in the university. Finnish was not only the language of the simple, hard working people. Finnish language was part of the life in the Academy. The article discusses the variety of plant names. Is it possible to explain, why some plants have only Latin and Swedish names? Maybe the Finnish speaking part of the population in Turku had somewhat less information about new garden plants, for example the tulip.

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