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Cardiac Metabolic Pathway Remodelling in Response to Sunitinib Malate: Potential Role for Positron Emission Tomography in the Cardio-Oncology Setting (conference abstract)

List of Authors: O’Farrell AC, Evans R, Silvola JMU, Miller IS, Conroy E, Hector S, Cary M, Murray D, Jarzabek MA, Maratha A,
Alamanou M, Mallya Udupi G, Shiels L, Pallaud C, Saraste A, Liljenba¨ck H, Jauhiainen M, Oikonen V, Ducret A, Cutler P, McAuliffe FM, Rousseau JA, Lecomte R, Gascon S, Ky B, Force T, Knuuti J, Gallagher W, Roivainen A, Byrne AT

Publication year: 2016
Journal: Irish Journal of Medical Science
Volume number: 185
Issue number: 1
eISSN: 1863-4362

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