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COMMIT – Embedding the LLL contribution for social engagement into University structures and practices – Technical Report

Julkaisun tekijät: Françoise de Viron, Kari Seppälä, Lucilia Tavares Dos Santos, Jean-Marie Filloque
Kustantaja: eucen
Julkaisuvuosi: 2015
Verkko-osoite: http://commit.eucen.eu


In the framework of the Bologna process, the Ministers responsible for Higher education agreed in the London Communiqué (2007) on a common definition for the objective of the social dimension: “the student body entering, participating in and completing higher education at all levels should reflect the diversity of our populations”. While there have been various projects concerning the social dimension in Higher Education, less has been done so far concerning the access, retention and attainment of adults in Higher Education.

The COMMIT project has tried to make a significant contribution to the work already done by developing and testing a new and innovative tool to address the need for data which will enable effective monitoring of participation and attainment strategies. By doing this, COMMIT has aimed to increase commitment to the social dimension of higher education (HE) and support strategies for increasing attainment.

The Technical Report of COMMIT is the result of the transversal analysis done on the collection of data from the tools and the visit reports filled in by partners. Besides presenting the project, its specific objectives and the Tools developed and used by the partnership, the report offers a comprehensive and detailed overview of the data collected and of the findings.

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