A4 Article in conference proceedings
Designing and Testing an Educational Game About Food for School-aged Children

List of Authors: Johannes Henriksson, Tapani N. Liukkonen, Kaisa Könnölä, Sanna Vähämiko, Tuomas Mäkilä
Publication year: 2016
Book title *: Game-on'2016: 17th International Conference on Intelligent Games and Simulation
ISBN: 978-90-77381-94-6


This paper describes the design and testing process of a game for children between the ages of 7 and 12. The purpose of the game is to teach children about the health and environmental aspects of food and be entertaining and educational. The first version of the game design was created based on a questionnaire. This version was then tested with classes which participated on the questionnaire. Based on the feedback from testers, the second version of the game was created and tested again with new classes. Based on the feedback, the children enjoyed the game, but further research is needed about how well the game supports the intended learning activity.

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