Ahmed Algahawi
BDS, MDS, PhD researcher

Doctoral Student, Institute of Dentistry (Institute of Dentistry)


Areas of expertise
Periodontics, Periodontal plastic surgeries, Microbiology, Impantology, Teaching.

1999-2004 Bachelor of Dentistry (B.D.S) Faculty of Dentistry-Benghazi University-
• Oral health educator in Primary Health Care Institute, health ministry, Benghazi,
Libya 2005.
• Demonstrator at periodontology department faculty of dentistry, Benghazi
University, 2006.
• Lecturer in Crest and oral B educational school program for Libyan children,
P&G –WHO program, Libya 2006.
• 2008-2011 Master of Dental science, Oral Medicine and Periodontology
Department- Faculty of Dentistry- Alexandria University- Egypt, Correlation
between dose, severity and histopathological changes in patients with cyclosporineinduced
gingival enlargement (a clinical and histopathological study) 2011.
• Teaching staff in periodontology department (Assistant lecturer), Faculty of Dentistry
–Benghazi University 2011.
• Head of Dental Forensic Committee during the Libyan revolution, Ministry of Justice
– Libya 2011.
• Quality Assurance Director of Periodontology Department, Faculty of Dentistry –
Benghazi University 2012.
• Trainer in Skills and Experience workshop, Faculty of Dentistry Benghazi University
• Vice president of the International Benghazi Dental School conference, Benghazi
University, 2013.
Head of Periodontology Department, Faculty of Dentistry Benghazi University,


My research on species of bacteria presents normally in the oral cavity of humans named Capnocytophaga. Also, they can act as opportunistic pathogens in various infections and adverse pregnancy outcome. I aimed to identify the oral Capnocytophaga species in pregnant and non-pregnant women and study their virulence factors and effects on the pregnancy.

 I have been working as an assistant lecturer at the Periodontology Department,
 Faculty of the Dentistry, Benghazi University, Libya.
 I was covored both theoritical lecutres and clinical sessions for the 3rd and 4th year dental students in Periodontics,
 as well as, clinical supervision and plastic periodontal surgical training
 to intern students and recently graduated dentists .

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