Tiia Sudenkaarne
MSocSc, MA

Doctoral Student, Philosophy (Department of Philosophy, Political Science and Contemporary History)



MSocSc, MA Tiia Sudenkaarne is a third-year Doctoral Student at
University of Turku Practical Philosophy. Her dissertation Feminist and
Queer Bioethical Approaches to Gender and Sexual Normativity in Medical
Ethics offers a unique contribution to bioethics and care practices.

has been the co-editor-in-chief for Society for Queer Studies in
Finland’s Journal’s (SQSJ) past two issues. She is the vice chair of
Society for Queer Studies in Finland and a member of Center for the
Study of Bioethics Finland’s steering committee. She was shortlisted for
Feminist Approaches to Bioethics’ Donchin and Holmes essay prize in
2016 and awarded by feminist philosophy’s internationally most acclaimed
journal Hypatia with their Individual Diversity Grant in 2018. She has
held a salary position in UTU Philosophy. She has
organized two international conferences, bringing to Finland such
trail-blazing academics as Lance Wahlert, the driving force behind queer
bioethical theory, and Amrita Pande, one of the first and still amogst
the most influential ethnographers of surrogacy work in India. She has
presented at over twenty conferences. She has received several grants
for her PhD work and conference travel, including stipends from both
University of Oxford and University of Cambridge.


Research interests Bioethics; Queer Bioethics; LGBT Bioethics; Feminist Bioethics; Feminist Philosophy; Posthuman Metaphysics; New Materialism; Feminist Science and Technology Studies; Gender Studies; Queer Theory


Considering Unicorns: Queer Bioethics and Intersectionality (2018) Tiia Sudenkaarne
A1 Journal article – refereed)

Queer, Biopolitics and Bioethics (2018)
SQS : Journal of Queer Studies in Finland
Lotta Kähkönen, Tiia Sudenkaarne
B1 Journal article)

Queering Bioethics: A Queer Bioethical Inventory of Surrogacy (2018)
Ethics, Medicine and Public Health
Tiia Sudenkaarne
A1 Journal article – refereed)

Trans- ja intersukupuolisuus queer-bioeettisinä kysymyksinä (2018)
Ajatus: Suomen Filosofisen Yhdistyksen Vuosikirja
Tiia Sudenkaarne
A1 Journal article – refereed)

Pervot parantumiset ja parantamiset (2017)
SQS : Journal of Queer Studies in Finland
Sudenkaarne Tiia, Wickman Jani
B1 Journal article)

Abortti, oikeus ja velvollisuus: terveydenhuoltohenkilökunnan lakisääteisestä oikeudesta kieltäytyä osallistumasta raskauden keskeytyksiin vakaumuksellisista syistä (2016) E pluribus unum. Scripta in honorem Eerik Lagerspetz sexagesimum annum complentis Sudenkaarne Tiia
A3 Book chapter)

Suloiset oudokit: Feministisestä bioetiikasta queer-bioetiikkaan? (2016) Sukupuoli ja filosofia Sudenkaarne Tiia
B2 Book chapter)

Teknologian biologiasta ja biologian teknologiasta (2016)
Sukupuolentutkimus - Genusforskning
Sudenkaarne Tiia
B1 Journal article)

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